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Living in Brazil for the past 23 years, American singer Alissa Sanders uses her voice to reconnect with her African roots, turning it into the instrumental base of her work. Born in Los Angeles (USA), Alissa lived in Salvador, where she worked with the group DNA Urbano, and became involved with contemporary music from Bahia, african rhythms and samba-de-roda. In the Recôncavo Bahiano area, the singer studied with pop culture icons such as Dona Zélia do Prato and Mestre Góes, gathering references that she combined with her investigations into soundscapes from the Middle East, India and Africa. In this show, she invites singer Anelis Assumpção to perform jazz and blues standards, along with ancestral and contemporary songs, afro-brazilian compositions and unreleased originals.


Alissa Sanders (vocals), Danilo Silva (guitars), Vitor Cabral (percussion drum), Fábio Sá (bass), Marcos Romera (musical direction, piano and keyboard). Special guest: Anelis Assumpção