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“We’ve already played Ratos de Porão while listening to Thelonius Monk”, states bassist Juninho Sangiorgio, who created Bufo Borealis along with Rodrigo Saldanha. This combination defines the vibes of this experimental-jazz-funk project, named after a poisonous toad – which could explain punk rock’s strong influence over them. In their debut album, Pupilas Horizontais (2020), the duo drives through soundscapes that range from early 70’s Miles Davis voodoo funk to Sly and the Family Stone’s psychedelic grooves. In this show, they will perform songs from the album and unreleased tunes, joined by guests Fernanda Lira (Crypta) and Rodrigo Carneiro (Mickey Junkies).

“We’re very excited, because this will be Bufo’s first live performance at a festival with such importance”, Juninho says. “Our music is filled with improvisation. We vary a lot and keep it open for each one of us to add accordingly to their moment.”


Juninho Sangiorgio (bass), Rodrigo Saldanha (drums), Anderson Quevedo (sax), Tadeu Dias (guitar). Special guests: Fernanda Lira and Rodrigo Carneiro.