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Formed mostly by black people, Conde Favela Sexteto originated 11 years ago in the ABC – a site of historical struggles in the metropolitan area of São Paulo – with the purpose of delivering jazz and samba-jazz themes, along with investigating new musical paths in jazz and instrumental experimentation. Shortly after actively participating in the Circuito de Improvisação Livre (Free Improvisation Circuit), the sextet members began creating their own themes and compositions, based on styles like samba-jazz, free jazz and spirituals. In this performance, they present tunes from the album Temas para Tempos de Guerra (2020), where jazz is delivered as an authentic popular expression in constant development.


Edson Ikê (trumpet), Harlem “Buruga” Nascimento (tenor saxophone), Mabu Reis (trombone), Diego Estevam (guitar), Rafael Cab (drums and percussion) and Alex Dias (bass).