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On the road for 23 years, Hurtmold sextet remains open to investigating different musical grounds through experimentations with rock, free jazz, latin rhythms, shoegaze and electronica. In this show, they welcome two brazilian heavyweights, percussionist Paulo Santos (ex-Uakti) and singer Jorge du Peixe (Nação Zumbi), to an event that promises a surprising musical trip. The relationship between Hurtmold and Paulo Santos goes back a long way, including an album (Curado, Selo Sesc). “He’s part of the family, besides being a great influence,” explains multi-instrumentalist Guilherme Granado. “As for Jorge du Peixe, he’s someone we’ve always wanted to play with.” According to Granado, this concert intends to “take advantage of intersections and try to reach a common place.” “Or deconstruct this place, as soon as we reach it,” the artist reflects. An irresistible invitation for restless ears.


Maurício Takara (drums, trumpet and vibraphone), Guilherme Granado (keyboard, vibraphone and electronics), Marcos Gerez (bass), Mário Cappi (guitar), Rogério Martins (percussion, bass clarinet and vibraphone) and Fernando Cappi (guitar and vibraphone).