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Based on the afro-diasporic musicality concept and directed by Matheus Vieira, Jazzpora webseries explores the political and aesthetical connections between jazz and afro-brazilian cultural expressions carried out by black people. In each of the seven episodes, a guest addresses subjects related to jazz, seen as an epitome of the African diaspora. As guests, singers Alaíde Costa, Ellen Oléria and Raquel Virgínia, writer Allan da Rosa, rapper Katu Mirim, visual artist Ramonegro and actor, dramaturg and teacher Salloma Salomão. Jazzpora is supported by “jazzporic” texts in various literary styles that will be published in Zumbido magazine by Selo Sesc.


Episode 1 – “Sankofa: memories in movement – A timeless narrative”, with Alaíde Costa (RJ)

Episode 2 – “Voices of Jazzpora – Who sings and tells, says what?”, with Raquel Virgínia (SP)

Episode 3 – “Ancestral Future – Brazilian afrofuturist soundscapes”, with Ellen Oléria (DF)

Episode 4 – “Afrofuturist Visualities – The relationship between image, music and politics”, with Ramonegro (SP)

Episode 5 – “Tradition, Improvisation and Innovation – What is the meaning of improvisation in African roots?”, with Salloma Salomão (MG)

Episode 6 – “Arts of the Word – Jazz, literature and orality”, with Allan da Rosa (SP)

Episode 7 – “Jazzporic Connections – Other contemporary futurisms”, with Katu Mirim (SP)


(Dir.: Matheus Vieira, Brazil, 2021, 7x15’, documentary)