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Drums and trumpet at the core and improvisation running through the veins. Created in 2015 by Rômulo Alexis (trumpet, flutes, vocals and effects) and Wagner Ramos (drums and electronics), Radio Diaspora invests in the fusion between songs and samples and the musical energy present in free jazz and improvisation. “We don’t work with quadratics, closed scales or with interpretations or reproduction of standards. We focus on the energy in the happening, experiencing the ‘now'”, states the duo, which has ten albums released. In the show Radio Diaspora Ensemble Cachaça!, they perform a collective experiment, joined by Lua Bernardo (bass and flute), Paola Ribeiro (vocals), Thayná Oliveira (cello), Luiz Viola (keys) and Leonardo Rocha (percussion). “We promote an emotional chemistry environment for an absolutely free sound creation, where each artist expresses their unique and singular self. It’s a process of healing, embracement, investing in the diversity and power in us, black people. Black people survive through experience, dodging. Our music is all about that.”


Friday, October 22nd, 9pm 

Sesc Pompeia Theater and Sesc SP’s Youtube channel ( and on

Content rating: G


Rômulo Alexis (trumpet and effects), Wagner Ramos (drums and electronics). Special guests: Paola Ribeiro (vocals), Luiz Viola (piano), Thayná Oliveira (cello), Lua Bernardo (bass) and Leonardo Rocha (percussion)