One Piece in Constant Composition

Sesc was created in 1946 based on the commitment of the business community of goods trade, services and tourism to improve the quality of life and social welfare of workers in these areas, their families and Brazilian society as a whole. Throughout its history, the entity has been acting in the fields of assistance, health, leisure, education and culture, developing initiatives guided by knowledge building, conviviality and social responsibility. With 40 physical units in the state of São Paulo, Sesc assists thousands of people on a weekly basis with different age and socioeconomic profiles. The countless program activities that are held are one of the means by which the institution meets its commitment to offer possibilities for the exercise of citizenship, the development of critical and participative individuals and, as a consequence, to foster a more coherent and equal social context. This proposal has been gradually consolidating as the network expands with the opening of new units, able to reach new territories and their populations. Apart from the cultural and sports centers, the entity reinforces its proactive role in the culture context, which it occupies through projects that, in addition to contributing to human development in an educational way, also offer model situations regarding the citizen experience of living together and sharing, supporting the improvement of its audiences quality of life. As a result of its actions nature and scope, Sesc Jazz project is a prime example when expressing, during its many activities, the goals pursued by the institution over the past decades.   Abram Szajman | President of Regional Council, SESC São Paulo